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FULLINRACE ACADEMY team competed in first TCR Eastern Europe races


In late-April, Czech team FULLINRACE ACADEMY under the leadership of Petr Fulín headed to Hungaroring, where – accompanied with presitigous WTCR and TCR Europe series – new championship TCR Eastern Europe kicked in. Team scored smooth weekend and in the end, managed to get podium place in one race!

As "panEuropean" and "eastern European" series raced together, starting grid contained almost forty cars. Therefore, it was very difficult to get a good result in qualifying or both races. In their own series standings, Petr Čížek and Carol Wittke qualified on fifth and sixth place respectively, in Sunday races they avoided collisions or losses and finished both races. "The winter is behind us and we took part in our first races this year. I am happy how guys started, it is important for us that in the first race weekend both cars performed well and both drivers were constantly gaining speed," evaluates Petr Fulín the weekend.

In Race 2, penalties influenced races as well, Carol Wittke had to endure drive-through penalty, but in the end he was classified on fifth place. Petr Čížek avoided any incidents and he managed to get first podium result. "I am glad that we got our first trophy, guys brough both cars to the finish and we have something to build on in the future," rated Petr Fulín his team’s performance on Hungarian soil. Next weekend of the TCR Eastern Europe is scheduled together with ESET V4 Cup in mid-May on Red Bull Ring. In the latter series, Petr Fulín will compete together with Carol Wittke in endurance race in the TCR category.


Race 1 on Hungaroring results (TCR Eastern Europe):

1. Martin Ryba (Honda Civic TCR)

2. Milovan Vesnić (CUPRA TCR) + 3.944

3. Jáchym Galáš (VW Golf TCR) + 8.023

4. Jakub Wyszomirsky (Honda Civic TCR) + 12.505

5. PETR ČÍŽEK (CUPRA TCR) + 31.632


7. Maciej Łaskiewicz (VW Golf TCR) + 50.112

8. Žarko Knego (CUPRA TCR) + 2 laps

9. Rudi Pešović (Audi RS3 TCR) + 6 laps


Race 2 on Hungaroring results (TCR Eastern Europe):

1. Milovan Vesnić (CUPRA TCR)

2. Jakub Wyszomirsky (Honda Civic TCR) + 37.152

3. PETR ČÍŽEK (CUPRA TCR) + 51.657

4. Žarko Knego (CUPRA TCR) + 1:09.513

5. CAROL WITTKE (CUPRA TCR) + 1:47.553

6. Martin Ryba (Honda Civic TCR) + 2 laps

7. Maciej Łaskiewicz (VW Golf TCR) + 3 laps

8. Rudi Pešović (Audi RS3 TCR) + 10 laps

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TCR Eastern Europe – Hungaroring

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